how many pair of shoes you have

my 2 year old has probably 20, My wear size 11 so my options are not as good as most people, What makes it worse is that my feet are actually a size 10 1/2 but that size does not exist, They quit making 1/2 sizes after 9 1/2,

When I do have to buy shoes,, I go to stores that have all the shoes out on the shelves and scan the boxes until I find an 11. Then I look at the sample shoe to see if I like it. Otherwise if I look at the samples first,, I keep finding all these cute shoes that don’t come in my size. Then since I am actually a 10 1/2,, some 11′s are too wide and sloppy on my feet but the 10 is too short. I also have to be careful of the heel height and style. I am 5’10" (so I obviously don’t need to make myself look any taller) and I have a permanent back injury from a vehicle accident I was in in 2005 so narrow unsupporting heels cause me a lot of pain.

The only reason I have as many shoes as I do is because once I find a pair in my size that fit me,, I buy the same shoe in both black and brown. I think I have 4 pairs of Old Navy flip flops in all differnt colors.

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