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A New
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hogan 2012 scarpe donna Lightweight Hiking Shoe
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hogan 2012 Scarpe uomo KeenThe Keen Marshall hiking boot offers
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hogan scarpe donna of the box comfort for long days on established trails. Keen released the Marshall series of footwear to be responsive to the needs of athletic hikers that push the boundaries of themselves and their gear.

Low BreathableMid
hogan Hogan Olympia BreathableIn this review
hogan scarpe uomo I test out
hogan interactive scarpe donna the low breathable version,
hogan 2012 Scarpe uomo which is simply called the "Marshall," for 100 miles of backpacking, hiking and everyday use. As
hogan scarpe uomo I
hogan interactive scarpe donna wanted
hogan 2011 scarpe donna this shoe for summer hiking only, I chose breathability and the ability
hogan scarpe donna to dry quickly over a layer which creates a moisture barrier.

100 Mile Testing Period Over the course
hogan interactive scarpe uomo of one month, I beat these shoes up by wearing them for
hogan 2013 scarpe uomo everything from neighborhood walks to rugged backpacking. In reflection, perhaps
hogan interactive scarpe uomo I stressed these shoes out
hogan Hogan Elective donna too much and pushed them over their limit
hogan 2013 scarpe donna more on that
hogan 2013 scarpe uomo later.

Here is a run down,
hogan interactive outlet of where I hiked and what stress the shoes received

Neighborhood Walks: I generally load my toddler in the backpack and take him for a walk from our house on a daily basis. Though we walk on sidewalks for part of the way, we
hogan interactive scarpe uomo always cut through the park to get a little closer to nature.
hogan interactive scarpe donna With him on my back, plus his accoutrements, I am carrying close to 40 pounds.

Niagara Gorge: The Niagara Falls Gorge is only about 15 minutes from the house and one of my favorite places to hike. When you descend
hogan 2013 scarpe donna to the bottom of the
hogan scarpe donna Gorge, the trail turns rocky and uneven; it is the perfect place to test boots for their stability. I usually hike down here about once per week.

Zoar Valley: During the summer my search and rescue team runs safety patrols through the 3000 acre Zoar Valley MUA. I sloshed up creek beds for miles and explored the twisted network of herd paths that cover this pristine area. Zoar was the perfect place for testing the wet grip of the tread and to see how quickly they dried after being drenched.

Cranberry Lake 50: This year, I hiked the remote CL50 in the Adirondacks for a second time. On
hogan 2012 scarpe donna this fifty six mile trip around Cranberry Lake, I traversed beaver ponds, waded through water
hogan interactive scarpe uomo and climbed through jumbles of rocks. It was for this trip, that I actually purchased the Keen Marshall. This fastpacking trip consisted of a 26 and 30 mile day.

What sort of Fit Does the Marshall Have? With many of us relying on the internet now for our gear needs instead of visiting our local outfitters, many people want to know about the Marshall’s fit. Though there is no substitute for a boot fitting session with an experienced outfitter, I’ll give my impression of
hogan 2013 scarpe donna how the Marshall fits.

I have a wide high volume foot, which is one of the reasons I buy Keens in the first place. Comparing it with other models like the Targhee, Gypsum and Verdi, this shoe has a similar wide toe box to accommodate wider feet. It feels wider than the Redrock or Tryon models that I’ve worn.

Keen states that the shoe is pretty true to size and it does feel roomier than other models like the Targhee of the same size. I still went up a half size though and experienced no slipage. Again, if you aren’t sure of your size, your local shop can do a great job of fitting you.

One of the reasons I purchased this non waterproof version of the Marshall is that I needed something that dried quickly. Sure, a boot with a waterproof membrane will keep you dry through wet grass and the occasional puddle; however, repeated soakings will only saturate them. Once saturated, the waterproof membrane slows down the drying time. In colder weather, waterproof footwear is a must, but when the mercury rises it is optional.

I knew on the CL50, I’d be dunking these boots like a witch at the Salem trials and that they would definitely be saturated. Likewise, in Zoar Valley I knew I’d be wading through
hogan 2011 scarpe donna calf deep water on my SAR patrols.

I’m pleased to say that this Keen shoe dried remarkably quick, faster in fact than any hiking shoe (even
hogan 2011 scarpe donna some paddling shoes) I’ve ever worn. Generally, this shoe would be bone dry within an hour of walking after being dunked in a
hogan scarpe donna creek or some beaver pond. For disclosure purposes, I do use a continual sock and insole rotation process when hiking through wet environments.

Though some hikers wouldn’t think of wearing a low boot like the Marshall into the backcountry for fear of twisting an ankle, I did so without any problems. Of course, I almost exclusively wear low hikers so my ankles are built like giant sequoia trunks.

The reinforced heel cup holds your foot in place securely enough to provide a steady platform while being enhanced by the TPU stability shank. Between rock slides in the Niagara Gorge, off trail hiking and even climbing a small mountain I found this shoe was more than adequate at providing stability.

Durability: For light hiking only!

I noticed
hogan scarpe uomo after my hike of the CL50 that small holes were forming on the upper of the boot. Now this pair could have been a defect, but I believe that I pushed this shoe
hogan scarpe uomo beyond what it was built to do. Even though the 3D mesh breaths extremely well, it really isn’t made for traversing through deep mud, water, rocks and logs. This boot really is for hiking on established trails only.

However, I was kind of bummed having only worn the shoe for a little over a month and only hiked 100 miles with it. I contacted the excellent folks at Keen customer service and let them know of my conundrum. With extreme efficiency they worked to offer me a replacement for my shoes that had a little more breathability than I wanted.

Though I am babying my replacement pair, I haven’t had any issues with
hogan interactive scarpe uomo it. My suggestion, is to take it easy on these shoes if you are hiking in rugged country.

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