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I am a FTM and my MIL keeps buying shoes for the baby in "newborn size" I dont figure she will wear shoes at all in the summer months unless her feet get cold and then she will just wear socks. I’ve heard that it’s hard to keep shoes on newborns and they are pretty pointless for such small babies. Not to mention, some of the shoes she bought do not look very comfortable for baby. I am thinking about returning them and buying her something she will actually use. you buy a matching pair of shoes for your baby’s coming home outfit? And do any BTDT moms have advice on shoes?

would return them and maybe buy a few different sizes in shoes. Shoes are not something that our babies wear at all until they start walking. Our Pedi said there is not point in wearing shoes until they are totally walking. And even when they are walking its best to not wear shoes around the house at all, just when there out and about

I never used shoes until DS was really crawling and starting to stand. At that point we just used soft shoes so he got used to wearing them before he started walking. I don’t think there is one brand for all feet. It’ll really depend on your LO’s feet. For instance, so many friends used Robeez but I didn’t like taking them off/on because of DS’ chubby feet. I’d hold off on buying shoes until you know what kind of feet your LO has and can try them on.

Also, while they do grow out of them quickly, it’s better to get good quality shoes for better foot support once they do start walking. If you don’t want to spend $40 $50 on every pair, I suggest finding an upscale resale shop, like Once Upon A Child, and looking there. The shoes at those beginner sizes are never really ‘used’ and you can get great deals!

i’m a first time mom, however I’ve learned watching my brothers grow up (I was 15 and 18 when they were born) its bad to put hard soled shoes on a baby because their feet are still developing. The ONLY shoes I will be putting on my baby during her first year are Robezz i believe they are called. They are a very soft soled shoe and they stay on baby’s feet very well!. not to mention they have lots of cute designs .

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